Just The Table of Contents

Finally have access to a copy of the bill. Took forever to download. Reading through just the table of contents, there are several things that scare the hell out of me already!

Many, many (I know, I know, I haven’t counted them yet, but I will and will let you know how many is many.) references to “the shared costs of health care”, a level playing field… sounds like another of my favorite (tongue planted firmly in cheek) concepts: “Everybody gets a trophy!” Yay! A complete, and total, utterly worthless celebration of mediocrity.

Also in the table of contents:
Sec. 1501. Requirement to maintain minimum essential coverage.

Sec. 1502. Reporting of health insurance coverage.

Do the words “requirement” and “reporting of” sound like freedom and individual rights to privacy to you? Me neither. There’s more, but already, this is beginning to sound like a certain best selling book in a country that spoke predominately German about 70 years ago. They still speak predominately German, but the book is not currently a best seller. The title was “Das” something or other and it caused quite a furor at the time…

More as I have the stomach for it.

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