Declaration of Liberty


At certain times and in response to particular circumstances it is incumbent on those who cherish Freedom and Liberty to stand against encroaching tyranny in all of its forms. There can be no excuse for men of conscience and personal integrity to sit idly and silently by while the insatiable lust for power and the hunger for control by those charged with the business of representing and defending the will of the people routinely interdict the ability of Free Men to govern themselves. To remain silent would be an act of assent which can no longer be granted.

The inalienable rights of Mankind, rights not granted by governments but inherent in the very basis of that which makes us human — that all men are created equal before the Law, that personal Liberty is the pinnacle indicative of a Free People, that individual pursuit of Happiness, generously granting respect to the same rights for others, is the epitome of Freedom — these, we assert, must be the only framework within which any form of government for such a people must be constrained to operate. When government ignores the boundaries, when it exceeds those constraints necessarily imposed on it by the people whom it serves, the heirs of Freedom and Liberty must, in order to preserve those freedoms, restrain that government and vacate the authority by which it attempts to overthrow those bindings.

Wherein, President Barack Obama willingly and knowingly on multiple occasions exceeds the authority granted to his office by the Document he has sworn to uphold and protect, wherein he seeks to circumvent the Laws of the Land in order that he might further his own personal agenda, and wherein he repeatedly denigrates this nation and heaps ridicule and slanderous charges on those who disagree with him or his policies, he can no longer be entrusted with the leadership of this nation and this Free People.

As to these assertions, we offer this partial iteration of historical events, the extent of which should convince reasonable people of his lack of ability to fulfill the duties of his office and his unwillingness to abide by the contract to which he was elected:

He instigated the creation of additional burdensome regulatory agencies, some of which have complete and autonomous authority to make regulations with the force of law without oversight and above the redress of grievances.

He instigated the empowerment of other agencies to make such restrictions and determinations as they see fit, regardless of the public will or of evidence contrary to support of such edicts.

He approved of and shepherded the Federal Government usurpation of certain manufacturing entities and the illegal redistribution of the private property of legitimate shareholders to favored political supporters, completely ignoring extant property and bankruptcy laws.

He secreted relevant information regarding his history prior to being elected President of these United States of America despite assertions of an open and transparent administration.

He associates with and maintains close ties with known and convicted terrorists against these United States, some of whom are placed in positions of advisement for his presidency.

He dispatched armed forces of the United States and commanded that they be engaged in hostilities in sovereign nation states that hold no vital American interests, nor do they pose an imminent threat to the peace, sovereignty or people of this nation.

He, without the consent of Congress, abridges the legal restrictions placed on his ability to engage the armed forces of the United States in hostilities and regularly and repeatedly disregards congressional calls for accountability on these matters.

He cedes the sovereignty of this country to the oversight authority of the United Nations on matters of human rights, elevating those lesser, mutable, government sponsored rights to a stature above the natural, inalienable and immutable rights possessed by all men without the expressed consent of the American people.

He bypasses Congressional oversight of his cabinet level appointments by resorting to recess appointments on numerous occasions, thus subverting a provision intended to be used in cases of emergency, and perverting it to his own purpose and denying those charged with confirming such appointments the ability to perform their duty under the law.

He repeatedly denigrates those who do not agree with him, resorting to slander and vulgar tactics beneath the loftiness of his office.

Most recently, he expressed sympathy for, and tacit agreement with, the illicit squatters and subversive occupiers of public property in cities throughout the land who seek to wrest private holdings from the rightful owners and those legally entitled to those holdings.

He instigated the tripling of the national debt to an unsustainable and unseemly $15 trillion dollars. He also increased the annual spending deficit of the government of the United States to $1.5 trillion dollars.

His policies and his forceful refusals to curtail government spending despite all warnings of looming financial disaster damage the heretofore stellar credit rating of the government of the United States, thus transferring the bulk of the burden for repayment onto the backs of many future generations of Americans.

He maintains a constant and steady berating of affluent and wealthy Americans, threatening to confiscate an ever growing share of their personal wealth and property without respect for the concept of equality before the law.

He coordinated and then signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which grants the government unlimited authority to regulate all activity, including the concept of inactivity, of the American people, far exceeding those bounds set by the United States Constitution.

Relevant data used to procure the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act has since been rescinded by the President, demonstrating his wholesale willingness to fabricate information for the sole purpose of achieving his personal agenda.

He publicly calls for the removal from office of multiple heads of sovereign nation states, exerting the powerful influence of his office to assist in the overthrow of stable governments, some of which had been long standing allies of this nation.

He espouses in a multitude of instances, beliefs and sentiments that are at direct odds with the charter of American liberties and, from his position of prominence, he has actively promoted the idea that certain classes of people should be exempted from protection from confiscation of personal property, and that such property should be redistributed to others who have no legal claim nor legitimate right to it and is in direct contraindication of the concept of equality before the law.

In light of these and other offenses against the American people, now is the time for all who cherish Liberty, all who wish to live their lives and for their children to live as Free Men, all who hold dear the Freedoms long cherished in this nation, and to which principles this nation and its people have ever subscribed, now is the moment to tell this President and all who seek unceasingly to rip Freedom from its moorings, that we will not allow such malfeasance to continue.

No longer will the usurpation of Freedom and Liberty be tolerated. No more shall the laws of the land be ignored or subverted. No further infringement on our inalienable rights shall be permitted to endure. From this day forward, in order to preserve our Liberties and that we, as one People, may continue to live as Free Men, It is our rightful duty as Americans, embodied with the spirit and the principles ensconced in this People from the very beginning, to declare an immediate halt to this unbearable march toward tyranny.

We call upon all Americans to vigorously oppose the reelection of this President to a second term and to seek election of those officials who actively support and promote the rule of law, the sanctity of private property and individual freedom and concept of equality of before the law.

— Hat tip, Richard Browne. Random Thoughts