Tea Party defeats jobs bill!!??

The President’s jobs bill was defeated in the Senate last night. According to some, the Tea Party is to blame.

The vote last night — we were very pleased with it. I was surprised with some newspapers saying ‘setback,'” Schumer said. “This is one more step as part of our plan, which is basically, first to focus on jobs and the economy like a laser — we’re in complete coordination with the White House on that — and to show that we want to change the dynamic on jobs and the economy and Republicans are blocking it.

— Sen. Charles Schumer (D- NY), quote on Roll Call’s website

When Senator Schumer says the word Republican lately, what he really means is Tea Party.

“The republic has a whiff, after the debt ceiling debate, that the Republican Party has become quite extreme because it’s been sort of run by tea party Congressmen and Senators, even though they’re not a majority in either house,” Schumer said. “They’re standing in the way — on every issue. … “


So, obviously, the Republicans, I mean, the Tea Party is to blame for the President’s jobs bill not passing.

Ummm… Senator Schumer, by your own admission the Tea Party does not have a majority in either House, and your party currently enjoys the majority in the side of the House that you work in. There were two defectors from your own party on this bill. So just exactly how did the Tea Party defeat it?

Of even more concern than this particular distortion of the truth is the proposed extortion of the intelligence of the American people in Schumer’s words as he continues to discuss what he calls “Tea Party Economics:

“They’re standing in the way — on every issue. … We’ve got to get some money pumped into the economy in the next year or two to avoid the tea party double-dip recession.”

Now we know why the economy is so sluggish. Those damn Tea Partiers, all of which have only been in office less than a year, and at no time comprise a majority of votes in either House are simply standing in the way of growth and progress. And they must want to see the economy fail. We have to blame somebody, right?

Unemployment has been at over 9% for far longer than the Tea Party representatives have been in office, mortgage foreclosures topped 1 million in 2010 for the first time in history due to Fed interference and mishandling of the mortgage industry (under laws all forced on the banking industry by Schumer’s party), the Federal Registry has been appended by 80,000 pages of regulations since the current administration came into power, and new pending legislation (such as Obamacare, passed by … hint: not the Tea Party) cast future viability for businesses in doubt. None of these issues are the result of Tea Party candidates now holding office in the House and Senate. They are all results from the failed “major transformation of America”, to use our current President’s words. They are a result of government over-reach, government over-interference, and government over-regulation.

They are an attempt to divert blame from where it truly belongs. Schumer, the President and others in the Democratic party all appear to want us to believe that the $800B+ of stimulus money that went to crony capitalists and special interest groups wasn’t enough to spur the economy, so we need another $400B + to help push things along. Can you say Solyndra?

Senator Schumer appears to be unconcerned with the ever expanding national debt, as witnessed by his words to, in effect, throw more money at the problem, and he has an odd notion of where blame should fall when his party, in the majority, remember, fails to pass a bill in his section of Our House.

Time for some House cleaning.



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