It has been nearly a month since I last posted anything here and for that, I apologize. There are any number of reasons and excuses I could offer, all true, but none the root of the issue. The truth is, I was practicing an old habit of pretending to be an ostrich, but I’m better now.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we did not arrive at the current challenges we face in this country overnight. Over the last several decades, we have allowed a steady progression away from the founding principles of distinct and limited powers for the federal government contained in our Constitution. Our institutions of higher learning and the greatest majority of traditional media are staffed with, run by and funded from collectivist mindsets and statist philosophies.

I know we just completed a brutal election season. I know the next national election of significance is almost two years away. But there is work to do and that might be just enough time to do some thorough investigation into the philosophies and the voting records of some of the 33 senators up for reelection in 2014. The list appears below, as published on the US Senate website. I have purposefully left off the party affiliation for each of those on the list, because I want to look at each of them through a lens filtered only through the words of the Constitution and other founding documents, and then secondly, through their own words and deeds. As each article in this series is completed, each Senator’s name will be activated as a link here on Unofficial View, to the pertinent information regarding their career, voting records and public statements.

Alexander, Lamar Baucus, Max
Begich, Mark Chambliss, Saxby
Cochran, Thad Collins, Susan M.
Coons, Christopher Cornyn, John
Durbin, Richard J. Enzi, Michael B.
Franken, Al Graham, Lindsey
Hagan, Kay R. Harkin, Tom
Inhofe, James M. Johanns, Mike
Johnson, Tim Kerry, John F.
Landrieu, Mary L. Lautenbert, Frank R.
Levin, Carl McConnell, Mitch
Merkley, Jeff Pryor, Mark L.
Reed, Jack Risch, James E.
Roberts, Pat Rockefeller, John D., IV
Sessions, Jeff Shaheen, Jeanne
Udall, Mark Udall, Tom
Warner, Mark
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