Danger, Will Robinson!

In less than a week it appears that public and political sentiment on the nomination and confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice after the passing of Associate Justice Ginsburg has gone from “over our dead bodies” to “gonna happen. Get over it” from one side and “we’ll get you for this” from the other. In other words, it appears to be a done deal.

Romney says he will vote on a nominee. Murkowski has backtracked somewhat on her initial, firm, resolute “No”. Other prominent, sometimes reluctant Republicans have indicated they will not hinder the nomination process.

Conservative pundits and Republicans everywhere are rejoicing, rejuvenated, and raring to get this show on the road.

The Cynic – that disembodied voice that resides in the dark recessess and abandoned crevices of my mind, and usually keeps himmself to the shadows – has found a window. In that window, or perhaps it’s a mirror, he’s jumping up and down, frantically waving his arms. In his best Robot voice, he’s shouting “Danger, Will Robinson!”

The Cynic says, “It’s a trap!”

Mr. Romney has only agreed to vote on the nominee, not necessarily for the nominee. Given his open and obvious … is dislike a strong enough word? … disdain? … desire to see the President thwarted in his designs, nothing keeps the junior senator from Utah from voting against the nominee at this point, just to further provoke the President.

I would add – but the Cynic beat me to it – if Romney intends to vote against whomever President Trump puts forth to fill the seat on the Supreme Court (and he wouldn’t need a valid reason, just make up something semi-plausible for the press), then he would most likely be active in trying to convince other Republicans to employ the same tactic to once again circumvent the man who succeeded where he failed. If Trump loses this nominee with a clear majority in the Senate, it could destroy any hope he has of another four years. It is often difficult for me to comprehend that a man could hold such animosity in his heart for another. The Cynic – well, you probably already know what the Cynic thinks.

Now, part of this plan would require Romney and his cohorts to maintain a level of conspiratorial secrecy that I’m not certain they, or any other politicians can manage. The Cynic guardedly agrees.

** 9/25/20 – Correction: corrected a misspelling of Justice Ginsburg’s last name. We apologize for the initial error.