A Way Too Early Look at Election 2020

As of 8:30 AM, Arizona Time, the winner appears to be: President Jill Biden. Until her husband gets shivved, anyway. Only God, and perhaps VP-in-waiting Harris know how soon that might be. It is too early for answers or maybe even for accurate questions as to what happened or how a man who cannot speak, shows signs of obvious mental decline, is potentially compromised to countries all over the world, ran a campaign largely from his basement and is being currently not pushed off a ledge by a host of power hungry people can win a national election.

Was the media’s incessant COVID-19 fear porn essentially an effective campaign strategy? Did the scare the hell out of the public tactic actually work? Is hatred for Trump so advanced that despite his resetting the courts to the original intent of following what the law says rather than acting as supra-legislatures some mean tweets did him in? Does peace breaking out in waves in the Middle East mean nothing? Was it active censorship from the tech giants, corporate media and frankly, 2 generations of young people miseducated to despise the very name, let alone the history of the greatest nation in the world?