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Election Issues

The following is a list of questions that unofficialview.net is sending out to all candidates from Arizona running in this year’s election. We are hoping those running will participate and provide us with answers to these questions. Stay tuned—we’ll see if any of them choose to respond. 1) What is your plan to secure the

A Partial Reading List for Today

Obama’s campaign promise of change left out the bit about its being change in which those who think they know what’s good for us pass a law that most of us oppose with a passion. The Daily Beast Bully State Had Enough? Where Were You When the Republic Died? Declaration of Dependence The Moment Yes,

A Perfect 10

In fact, after the protection of the borders, the raising and collecting of taxes, and controlling immigration, the Federal Government doesn't have legal leeway to do much else according to the Constitution. The cynic in me at this point says, "one outta three ain't bad."