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Reading List: May 22, 2014

In no particular order: Congress: who cares? Scott Walker in Trouble Politics vs. Ethics in 0bama administration 0bama on VA John Ransom: Fates Hate Obama Insurance Company Bailout Hillary and the Benghazi Select Committee Tea Party George Washington: None To Make Them Afraid Cartoons And, just because the headline caught my eye: F. Lee Bailey

In Brief

We have abbreviations for President of the United States: POTUS; First Lady of the United States: FLOTUS; Supreme Court of the United States: SCOTUS. Does that mean the US House of Representatives should be abbreviated as USHORs?

State Of The Union, 2011

Or: I’m sure you think you understood what you thought you heard me say, but I’m not at all certain that what you think you heard and believe that you understand is actually what I said and not at all what I meant. Senators, Congressional Representatives, distinguished guests, and those of you that are Republicans;