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Just Say “No” … and then change your mind

This week, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona sold out. Actually, the sell-out happened in January. It simply became highly visible this week. After numerous public repetitions of railing against the /Obama administration’s profligate spending and denouncing /Obamacare as more reckless spending and not in the best interests of the people of Arizona and the American

Constitutionality of Arizona SB 1070 Debated at the Supreme Court

This is a response to a comment left recently on an older post here. The comments required such a lengthy refutation of facts and discussion that I decided to make an entire post out of it. ============= the post and comment in question Original Post: Arizona Immigration Law Comment to Arizona Immigration Law ======================================= Where

Governor Brewer Meets with President Obama

According to an interview with Governor Brewer after the meeting with the President, Mr. Obama told her that in 2 weeks, he would be sending some of his staff to Arizona to survey the situation of illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico into Arizona and to then hold a meeting (obviously they were unprepared