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Weeds & Freedom

When I was growing up, a good portion of my time was spent in the garden pulling weeds. From my grandfather, I learned that weeds, if allowed to grow unchecked would siphon the nutrients from the soil that the corn and tomatoes, potatoes, beans, pumpkins and watermelons needed in order to thrive. It was hard,

November 2, 2010

Random thoughts on this early morning of election day. Voter turnout should be highest in decades for a midterm GOP will most likely get 60 to 65 House seats that might be a conservative number (pun intended) Will not be a vote for the Grand Old Party, but a vote against current, progressive agenda and


I generally fall in the moderate to conservative leaning camp on most issues, sometimes leaning right a little more than at other times. And, though it may not appear to be so at first glance on this topic, I think I still fall on the conservative side. As I stated in my last post, if

Bits & Pieces

The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to the citizens of America. Fortunately for all of us, it doesn't specify which religion.

Election Issues

The following is a list of questions that unofficialview.net is sending out to all candidates from Arizona running in this year’s election. We are hoping those running will participate and provide us with answers to these questions. Stay tuned—we’ll see if any of them choose to respond. 1) What is your plan to secure the