Another Brick in the Wall

Link to the NY Post “chain of custody” article posted 10/19/20. Building a case against Joe Biden for President, brick by brick. This one showing just how overtly preposterous the “Russian disinformation” claim is.

Debate Prep

Tonight is the first scheduled presidential candidate debate between President Trump and former Vice President Biden. First, even now, just a handful of hours away from the specified start time, I’m skeptical that it actually transpires. Got to be some “surprise” excuse to cancel or postpone it waiting to be revealed yet. Second, Mr. Trump

An Insurance Policy

From American Thinker: Did FBI employees admit to insurance fraud? My initial reaction to the revelations of FBI agents taking out insurance policies for working on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. What do you need insurance for? There were several other options available at the time and in the future. You could have said no You

Danger, Will Robinson!

In less than a week it appears that public and political sentiment on the nomination and confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice after the passing of Associate Justice Ginsburg has gone from “over our dead bodies” to “gonna happen. Get over it” from one side and “we’ll get you for this” from the other.