We’re Back We’re Back

Lesson: Always pay attention to the expiration dates on any domain name(s) that you own. And, as a side-note — keep your contact information up to date with the domain registrar. We were offline for about a year while we tried to recover the domain name. Many thanks to Phoenix Hosting, our Domain Registrar and web hosting provider for their

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Unofficial View Endorses Ted Cruz Unofficial View Endorses Ted Cruz

A simple matter of trust: I don’t trust Hillary Clinton on the important issues I don’t trust the GOP front runner on anything I trust Bernie Sanders to try and do what he says — and because I disagree with him on virtually everything I cannot endorse him. I trust Ted Cruz to follow the Constitution. Simple.

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Reading List – 03-10-2016 Reading List – 03-10-2016

Election 2016 Marco Rubio’s Sinking Ship Fiorina Endorses Ted Cruz Charles Barkley Kasich likes idea of contested convention and ‘Ford was a great president’ Story lines: Rubio’s campaign is over, Charles Barkley opines on politics, candidate endorsements FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Email (and possibly other doings…) Grand Jury Already Convened? FBI investigation includes 100+ agents, multiple facets, and immunity

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Reading List: February 25th, 2016 Reading List: February 25th, 2016

The Reading Lists are a collection of articles, usually from the earliest headlines of the day, that I’ve found interesting, intriguing, or infuriating while I inhale my morning coffee.

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On a Convention of the States On a Convention of the States

Part I of at least three. Synopsis: The following is a discussion on two of the most prominent topics being lobbied for in calls for a Convention of the States: a balanced budget and term limits for Congress and Supreme Court Justices. There is a growing coalition of proponents calling for a Convention of the States. Sometimes known as an

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