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Election 2012

Polling locations opened about 20 minutes ago, here in Arizona. Stood in line for about 10 minutes before they opened, fresh cup of coffee in hand, and just returned from voting. Now it’s going to be a long day of anticipation, and probably a longer night of watching the returns. ———————— One of my early

Ballot Measures

While we are moving the site to a new host, we will be doing some in-depth looks at the Arizona Ballot Measures for 2012 over on our Facebook Page. Please feel free to stop by and share your thoughts.

Unofficial View Endorses Ian Gilyeat for Senate

The Unofficial View is endorsing Ian Gilyeat for the Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Jon Kyl. Ian is running as an independent (which means he needs our help), and as an alternative to the status quo in Washington D.C. Ian brings some fresh ideas to the problems this country faces and to the