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An Insurance Policy

From American Thinker: Did FBI employees admit to insurance fraud? My initial reaction to the revelations of FBI agents taking out insurance policies for working on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. What do you need insurance for? There were several other options available at the time and in the future. You could have said no You

Danger, Will Robinson!

In less than a week it appears that public and political sentiment on the nomination and confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice after the passing of Associate Justice Ginsburg has gone from “over our dead bodies” to “gonna happen. Get over it” from one side and “we’ll get you for this” from the other.

Redefining Terms

(image from pixabay. listed as no attribution needed, but my thanks to the creator.) The left has been redefining terms for ages. Figured I would try my hand at it. Higher Education -> Money LaunderingSuccess -> Squeaky wheel gets the greasePolitician -> PoliticianCelebrity -> Guest Lecturer (emphasis on the lecture)Diversity -> Lobotomy PatientJohn Galt ->

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Cancel CultureCancel Dominos based on an 8 year old tweet? EIGHT YEARS!! You must be miserable, going through life with so much hate in your souls. Somebody has a different opinion on politics or religion or education or on anything from art to the meaning of life than you do and you’re going to not


There is a certain pall in the air right now, pervasive, almost tangible. Here, in the late winter, early spring of 2020, schools are closed, millions of people are recently out of work and tens of thousands — likely to be hundreds of thousands — are infected with the virulent Wuhan novel coronavirus. As of