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The Who?

In an alternate universe, The Who are just hitting their musical stride in 2021. Pete Townsend is working on a new song with Roger Daltry peering over his shoulder. “Listen to this,” Pete says, picking up his guitar. “Oh, and you may want to step back just a notch.” He picks out a rhythm on

Biden’s Inauguration Speech Shortest in History

Madame Speakeasy, honored Chinese and Ukrainian guests, and my fellow Aneurysms. First, let me say how honored I am to be reelected as your senior senator from Delaware. There are some thank yous necessary. I’d like to personally thank all the machines that voted for me. Couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you.

A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Without Trump America is doomed! What are we going to do if Trump loses? (Which it appears at this point as if he has.) Trump was the only one standing in the gap between American patriots and the ravenous, vile, disgusting, leftist communists that want to destroy our country as founded. The very idea of

Narratives / Projections / Hopes Shattered in This Election

Biden will win in a landslide Trump will win in a landslide Blue wave D Sweep Enthusiasm for Trump will carry him to victory Texas will go blue This is the year we get rid of Mitch And Graham Pollsters learned from 2016 Trump could get 25% of the black vote The Election will be


Trump may be so concerned with winning this election that he is willing to screw the Republicans for years. He has just declared himself the winner in Pennsylvania. I get it. The Trump campaign believes they have been hosed in Michigan, Arizona, possibly Wisconsin. He may be right. He’s already called for a recount in