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We’re Back

Lesson: Always pay attention to the expiration dates on any domain name(s) that you own. And, as a side-note — keep your contact information up to date with the domain registrar. We were offline for about a year while we tried to recover the domain name. Many thanks to Phoenix Hosting, our Domain Registrar and

the Unofficialview Weekly Updates for 2012-10-07

RT @txrepublican: It was just a bump in the road #ObamaDebateExcuses # RT @KLSouth: Romney says “middle income Americans” instead of “middle class.” … Subtle difference, but good. — Great point. # RT @tunkuv: CNN Poll of registered voters: 67% say Romney won, 25% say Obama. Wow. Breaking news on CNN site. # Obama: "Four

the Unofficialview Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

New blog post at the Unofficial View. A Modest Proposal… # RT @DennisDMZ: At least whn bin Laden glimpsed us as "weak horse", horse was still saddled & had somebody sitting up in it as the general. # Powered by Twitter Tools

the Unofficialview Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

I just bought "NOBAMA" by @ConservativeQuo for $ 0.99 kindle version at – hopefully have a review done ths wkend # RT @VernonBParker: Americans do not deserve year's worth of bad #jobs reports, let alone 40+ months. Time we hold #Obama accountable! # RT @JonahNRO: Wrong ideas vs no ideas? – good article