Category: Limited Federal Government

The List

One of the things I’ve often heard in response to my rants about federal power grabs and and the exploding size of the federal government is a question both utterly tangential to whatever the topic of discussion might be and overtly smug in its basic premise. It is a question designed to make the statist

“Sometimes, you gotta let ’em go”

It is no secret—if you’ve read anything I post here and elsewhere (Twitter and Facebook to name a couple)—that I am not a fan of the current occupant of The White House. There are several reasons for this, but in the end, mostly it comes down to the chasm that exists between our competing philosophies.

Off Message

President Obama overstepped when he threatened the Supreme Court earlier this week, and the main stream media had to call him on it.

Run Away Train

Yet another in an already long and ever lengthening list of affronts and outright subversion to the Constitution of the United States was perpetrated by the berserker regime of the Obama administration last week. For context, let me quote the First Amendment to the Constitution, the primary protection of freedoms that we as Americans were