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A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Without Trump America is doomed! What are we going to do if Trump loses? (Which it appears at this point as if he has.) Trump was the only one standing in the gap between American patriots and the ravenous, vile, disgusting, leftist communists that want to destroy our country as founded. The very idea of

Narratives / Projections / Hopes Shattered in This Election

Biden will win in a landslide Trump will win in a landslide Blue wave D Sweep Enthusiasm for Trump will carry him to victory Texas will go blue This is the year we get rid of Mitch And Graham Pollsters learned from 2016 Trump could get 25% of the black vote The Election will be

A Way Too Early Look at Election 2020

As of 8:30 AM, Arizona Time, the winner appears to be: President Jill Biden. Until her husband gets shivved, anyway. Only God, and perhaps VP-in-waiting Harris know how soon that might be. It is too early for answers or maybe even for accurate questions as to what happened or how a man who cannot speak,

On the Eve of the Eve of the 2020 Election

Or, Sunday before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in a presidential election year. For a month now or more, I’ve wanted to write an article about the upcoming election, about the future of the country being at stake, about how we must be at an(other) inflection point in history. I’ve daydreamed

Another Brick in the Wall

Link to the NY Post “chain of custody” article posted 10/19/20. Building a case against Joe Biden for President, brick by brick. This one showing just how overtly preposterous the “Russian disinformation” claim is.