Governor Brewer Meets with President Obama

According to an interview with Governor Brewer after the meeting with the President, Mr. Obama told her that in 2 weeks, he would be sending some of his staff to Arizona to survey the situation of illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico into Arizona and to then hold a meeting (obviously they were unprepared for the meeting today with both staffs in the room) with the governor and her staff, to discuss recommendations and possible solutions at that point.

Where the hell have they been for the last month? What the hell have they been doing while this controversy rages, other than everything they can to discredit the governor, spout wrong-headed, leftist propaganda about how racial profiling is now going to turn Arizona into Hitler’s Germany, and in general, ignoring the fact that Arizona SB-1070 is simply a statement of the intent to enforce already existing federal law! It is obvious the President and his staff and his mouthpieces have not read the bill, but that should come as no surprise… they never read the health care bill they rammed down our throats either.

Where’s the cod-liver oil? I think I feel sick.