Election Issues

The following is a list of questions that unofficialview.net is sending out to all candidates from Arizona running in this year’s election. We are hoping those running will participate and provide us with answers to these questions. Stay tuned—we’ll see if any of them choose to respond.

1) What is your plan to secure the US / Mexico border?

2) In your opinion, what is needed to stimulate the economy?

3) Should we, as a nation, continue to provide stimulus money and/or subsidies to businesses or industries that are struggling to stay in business?

3a) If so, which industries and how much assistance?

4) This country is currently facing the highest deficit in history. What is necessary to reduce this deficit?

4a) Would you support a balanced Federal budget initiative?

5) The entitlement programs currently in place in this country are fiscally irresponsible, given the amount of money required to meet our existing obligations and the tremendous amount of outstanding debt we have. What changes need to be made in terms of government spending to reduce the debt and improve the financial stability of the Federal Government?

5a) Are my taxes going up? If so, are you voting yes on any proposed tax increases?

6) Many polls show that 50-60% of Americans are unhappy with the passage of the health care bill last March. If given the opportunity, would you vote to have it repealed?

7) What does the phrase “life, (personal) liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” mean to you?

8 ) According to the US Constitution, powers not explicitly delegated to the Federal Government by that document are reserved to the States or to the People. How deeply should the Federal Government be involved in the lives of individual Americans?

9) If elected in November, what proposed legislation should we the public look for from you?

10) In your opinion, what is the most critical issue facing our country today?