Tonight’s Reading List

  • A Note To The President … Mr. Kristoll, don’t hold your breath.
  • the mosque near ground zero.
  • A prime instance of leading by example. I have just one question. Other than the multi-millions of of $$ these projects are going to cost the American taxpayers, did you get your solar installation done yet? Me too, neither. I’m too busy funding horse manure projects like this.
  • Okay, two questions. Does anybody really think that the creation of approx. 1000 jobs, paid for solely by American taxpayer dollars counts as job creation? In a round about way, isn’t that kind of like paying yourself to go to work?

Last, but not least, a piece on how I—and you too, if you’re at least a little skeptical of the global warming hoax umm… climate change issue—have been misled by a greedy, industrial public relations campaign to convince us, that we have nothing to worry about.

All lies, according to the article I read. Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW — man caused) morphed into simply global warming umm… climate change, umm… human caused climate change in today’s politically spin correct speech

Ask yourself this. If the “science” behind the political speak were correct, why would there be a need to change the name by which it is referred to every several months?

Imagine if Ford changed the name of their Mustang in 1969 because the first 3 1/2 years had been so successful. Yeah, that would have made sense.

Sorry, no link to the article in question. Instead, start with this article that is a critique of the U.N. and their handling of climate issues. Also see The Global Warming Heretic.

Update on Questionnaire

Thus far, I have answers to the questions asked from Ian Gilyeat. Look for those to be posted tomorrow. If we get any other responses, they will follow.