While we wait…

While we wait to see how many of the candidates for US Senate from the state of Arizona will respond to my inquiries about an online interview with unofficialview.net, I can think of no good reason to interrupt the posts here.

According to Michael Tanner at the Cato Institute, http://bit.ly/dnegsy, the primary issue on the minds of the American people this election year is that of reigning in the intrusiveness and limiting the reach of the Federal Government.

We can bandy about words like [S]socialism, fascism, communism and any other currently existing or yet to be named-ism and still spend no real time getting to the heart of the matter. The crux, as I see it is this: How much influence, how much invasion of privacy, how much control do you, as a member of this society, as an American, wish to allow the Federal Government to have on your life?

Simple as that. Not your neighbor’s. Not the corporate exec who tools around town in a different vehicle every day; not all those people that are opposed to your sensible, political viewpoints. Yours.

If you would not want something foisted on you and your family, why would anyone ever vote for someone who would force something on another family or another group of people? Political winds change. Parties in power fall out of power.

All too often, the resurgent party appears to be out to punish the preceding party and their supporters. Let me give you an example.

If you’ve read any of this blog, you know by now that I am tremendously opposed to the Obama Health Care Bill. Personally, I hope the Republicans can gain enough seats and find enough balls to repeal it. (The two conditions may be the very definition of non sequitur.)

Gasp! The horrors! Denying health care coverage to 30 million people just deemed worthy and declared eligible by the Federal Government to receive those benefits. How can you be so cruel?

So, what happens if it isn’t health care? What if it’s the car (and no, that’s not cars) you can drive? What if it’s what food you eat? What if it’s raising the costs of what you pay for gas for your car, and the energy to heat your house under the guise of shared sacrifice? What if it’s the EPA attempting to legislate the wind?

Sound foolish? Right now in OUR Houses of Congress, and in the offices of many governmental departments, all of these issues are being proposed, discussed, debated and voted on. Did they ask you your opinion on any of these things? Me too, neither.

What happens when one of the two major political parties in this country falls out of favor with the voters? Any honest observer will tell you that the winning side attempts to impose as much of their agenda as possible while at the same time attempting to siphon off as much dignity from the losing party as possible. Sometimes, it appears that victory is measured in the amount or retribution—read revenge—the winners are able to extract from the losers.

I know, that’s politics with the career politicians in this country. But, again, that brings me back to my point.

How much do you, as an individual. want/wish for/expect the Federal Government to do to/for/because of you? How much leeway should we allow them? When is enough enough?

I already know my answers to those questions. Do you?

Update on the Interviews

I have received a reply from Mr. David Nolan regarding the interview. He asked for some time to respond to the questions and I was more than happy to agree. His answers will be posted first, once I receive them and others, if they choose to respond, will follow.

Thank you, Mr. Nolan.

Update II

Aug, 12 – Have just heard from Mr. Ian Gilyeat, also said he would provide answers to the Unofficial View survey.

Thank you, Mr. Gilyeat.