Monthly Archives: September 2010

Month: September 2010 Empty? Pledge to America

I was not going to even bother to read the GOP’s “Pledge to America”. The skeptic in me says “just another bout of hot air and empty promises”. The cynic in me says “no point in reading it because they’ll ignore that just like they’ve ignored the Constitution for so long.” And the really, really nasty little voice, the one

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Month: September 2010 Change For Hope

“Incumbent out!” appears to be rallying cry of many for the upcoming, midterm November election. And who can blame them given the runaway state of our Federal budget, the extent of Federal meddling and intrusion in our lives, and the overall mismanaged, self-serving, crony-driven current implementation of both Houses of Congress and the White House? We need a huge dosage

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Month: September 2010 Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I read recently that your administration is looking into the possibility of assisting those Americans who are facing retirement and may not know how to manage their money and life savings. I understand that discussions are currently underway to allow them to have government managed access to their money on an annuity basis, thus guaranteeing that they

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