Change For Hope

“Incumbent out!” appears to be rallying cry of many for the upcoming, midterm November election. And who can blame them given the runaway state of our Federal budget, the extent of Federal meddling and intrusion in our lives, and the overall mismanaged, self-serving, crony-driven current implementation of both Houses of Congress and the White House?

We need a huge dosage of Change for Hope.

However, there is also the need to exercise caution in this year of potential sweeping change, that in our desire to have new faces and a clean slate, that we do not pick someone simply because they are not the incumbent.

Do your homework. Dig deeper than just sound bytes on TV. Make the time to go sit and listen to the candidates running, and make your decision based, not on party affiliation, but on the views of those running that agree most with your personal philosophies. That’s why it’s your vote.

Are all incumbents in trouble this year? Probably most of them. Should all the incumbents be thrown out in November? Probably most of them.

For too long, those in Washington have been allowed to choose for us with little to no accountability. It’s time for that to Change so that we may still Hope to have some semblance of personal, autonomous freedom.