Empty? Pledge to America

I was not going to even bother to read the GOP’s “Pledge to America”. The skeptic in me says “just another bout of hot air and empty promises”. The cynic in me says “no point in reading it because they’ll ignore that just like they’ve ignored the Constitution for so long.” And the really, really nasty little voice, the one that resides deep in the corners, ducking the light, and moving only among the shadows says “election grandstanding for the suckers; a convenient way for the current crop of Grift-resentatives to try and hold on to their cushy jobs”.

Now, having gone as far as the first three pages, that nasty little voice is still the most insistent, the one clamoring for the most attention. Look at the timing, it says. Listen to the speechifying, it says. Listen to a former Democratic President telling his party they should implement the same idea… with different ideas, obviously… it says. What proof is supplied to believe them, it asks. How much has their word, their pledge … the one to defend the Constitution… meant to them in the past, it asks more insistently. And most vociferously of all, why should we trust you now, it asks.

Why indeed.

I shall read the balance of this apparent GOP marketing piece and attempt to keep that nasty little voice mollified for the moment with excerpts from a horror novel: that monstrosity of a health care bill rammed down our throats by the democrats in March.

Hopefully, the three of us—myself, the skeptic, and the cynic—can keep that really nasty little voice at bay. For awhile, anyway.