The Pledge & The Skeptic

Representative John Boehner is promising to at least attempt to initiate a 72 hour waiting period on all House bills to allow the American public a chance to read the bill online before the House votes. In addition, each bill must cite Constitutional authority and there are murmurings of stipulating some means of paying for each. Sounds good, but I’m taking a kind of wait and see attitude.

Where has all of this concern for what the American public thinks, and attempts to rein in the profligate spending been for the last several years? And how long after January, 2011 will all this politi-speak last? What recourse do we have, other than “vote the bums out”, if they fail to execute these promises? Will they resign from a sudden injection of good conscience? Will they schedule a press conference to publicly apologize, using the words “I failed to live up to your expectations and my promises to you, the voters?” Or is this just a new coat of paint on the walls? Mostly gray, as in, “Well, that’s a gray area.”