I’m running late this morning. I’m in a hurry to make it downtown to the Occupy Phoenix protest before the day really gets going. First, I had to wait to make sure my direct deposit had cleared—I hate to carry cash when there’s so many people around, you know? Headed out the the door of my tract home (they’re all tract homes in Phoenix), climbed into my General Motors hybrid and headed off down the road.

I had to turn around, though, because I forgot my iPhone to stay in touch with and to tweet all of the day’s events to those waiting on updates. Must need a cup of coffee to get the ol’ brain to wake up. Better hit the Starbuck’s drive through.

What is it with all these service trucks today? Air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, painters. Man, they’re all over the road; poor stiffs having nothing better to do than go to work each day, slave away for only those low wages their unions have been able to negotiate with those greedy owners and share holders. Man, I wish I had it as easy as they do. Own my own business, be my own boss, tell everybody else what to do.

Damn. I gotta stop by Walgreen’s to get some aspirin and probably need more band-aids in case one of the little kids gets hurt. More delay.

Tweet before exiting car: #OWSPHX M coming tweeps. Dont strt w/o me!!!

Better call work, too. Let ’em know I’m sick today. I am, too. Sick and tired of every day, going to work, doing my job, going to work, doing my job… What a rut!

OK, back on the road.

Gotta call my wife.

“Hi honey, it’s me. Can you pay the cable bill today? Gotta see that movie that we’ve been waiting for tonight. Better pay the electric bill, too.

“Yeah, it’s going to be a great day, shoutin’ down the man, makin’ our voices heard. All them bankers and rich, fat cats gonna be shakin’ in their boots when we get done today. You should be able to get a live feed on your iBook. I’m pretty sure all of the news organizations are going to be there covering this. They wouldn’t miss it.

“Bye. Love you.”

Yep. This is all about corporate greed and us little folk just wanting someone to give us our fair share. I’m with you, Mr. President. Down with the banks! Down with corporations!

Now, let’s see. When lunch rolls around, Olive Garden or Hooter’s?