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Month: March 2012 Chicken Pot Pie — a little bit of everything and not much meat

Been away for awhile, rebuilding the server this site, and a dozen others of mine are hosted on. Seems the server admin (moi) was a bit too aggressive in purging unnecessary, unwanted, un-doublechecked files. Oops! Hopefully, I’m better at delineating some thoughts on recent events than I am at server sysadmining. So, with that said, on to issues of more

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Month: March 2012 the Unofficialview Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

RT @gatman7: Would U buy car w/o seeing 1st, from seller who lies about size, mileage, cost & wants signed blank check? That's #Obamacare # @gatman7 — no problem. Couldn't agree more with your car analogy for obamacare. Only piece you left out was being told which car to buy! in reply to gatman7 # @gatman7 — understand that. I'm

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