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Month: May 2012 the Unofficialview Weekly Updates for 2012-05-20

RT @Senate_GOPs: 'Dem Leaders hve Defiantly Refused To Lay Out Their Own Vision For How To Deal w/ Fed Debt & Spending' # @cdc444 – thx for the twitter follow. Greatly appreciated. # @AndrewReder1 – thx for the twitter follow. Best of luck on your law degree pursuit. -Limited gov't, Constitution, defeat O… yep. I'm in. # @stevennelson10 –

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Month: May 2012 Obama Graffiti

In a move as classless as graffiti on a nursery school wall, the Obama administration has purposefully defaced the biographies of 13 presidents—every one of them from Calvin Coolidge on except for Gerald Ford. This is truly one of the most blatant, self-aggrandizing acts of this president in the past three years and the American people should demand that these

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