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Month: June 2012 the Unofficialview Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24

RT @CrossroadsGPS: @BarackObama & allies getting rdy to implement hlthcare takeovr regardless of Court's ruling. # @ConservativeQuo – "The List: Why Obama should not be reelected. Great start. May need 2 volumes to cover all! # Powered by Twitter Tools

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Month: June 2012 Utterly Disgraceful

This link will take you to a post on the official Obama website on Friday, June 22, 2012. And just in case the morons running that site get a clue as to how bad this looks, here’s a screencap. Watch for retractions along the line of: “Hey, it was just a joke.” Or, “an unauthorized post mistakenly found its way

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Month: June 2012 A Gun to a Knife Fight

Issa and the Republicans got played. In what looked like Amateur Hour, the House Oversight Committee just got steamrolled. "The White House is not exerting executive privilege over these documents. Is that correct?" Issa asked Holder last week. At the time, this was true. Just minutes before the scheduled vote for contempt charges against Attorney General Holder, the professional political

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