A Gun to a Knife Fight

Issa and the Republicans got played.

In what looked like Amateur Hour, the House Oversight Committee just got steamrolled. "The White House is not exerting executive privilege over these documents. Is that correct?" Issa asked Holder last week. At the time, this was true.

Just minutes before the scheduled vote for contempt charges against Attorney General Holder, the professional political machine of the "Former President Barrack Obama" administration declared the aforementioned executive privilege over all of the requested documents. By allowing Holder to repeatedly deny access to the requested documents, by being gentlemanly and lenient with those that have no concept of those terms, Issa and his committee are now a toothless, paper tiger. Former President Barrack Obama and Holder strung them along for a year and a half and had them chasing raw meat on a string. Contempt charges should have been filed after the second unheeded request for information. It is tough to survive a street fight when you are the only party trying to adhere to the Marquis de Queensbury rules. "Bring a gun to a knife fight" — words that should be heeded when dealing with what is probably the most lawless, the most corrupt administration in the history of this nation. Meanwhile, at least one US Border Patrol agent is dead, and several hundred Mexican nationals at the hands of those involved in this deadly scheme. Thus far, no one has been held accountable for these vicious murders.