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Month: October 2012 Ballot Measures

While we are moving the site to a new host, we will be doing some in-depth looks at the Arizona Ballot Measures for 2012 over on our Facebook Page. Please feel free to stop by and share your thoughts.

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Month: October 2012 Why I’m Voting Romney/Ryan in 2012

The election of 2012 is less than 30 days away. Good thing… this election season has been interminable. The attack ads, the Obama Triumphant narrative from the lapdog press, the win at all costs mentality, and every street corner in Phoenix littered with dozens of signs from politicians all hoping to be the next holder of whatever office they are

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Month: October 2012 the Unofficialview Weekly Updates for 2012-10-07

RT @txrepublican: It was just a bump in the road #ObamaDebateExcuses # RT @KLSouth: Romney says “middle income Americans” instead of “middle class.” … Subtle difference, but good. — Great point. # RT @tunkuv: CNN Poll of registered voters: 67% say Romney won, 25% say Obama. Wow. Breaking news on CNN site. # Obama: "Four years ago…." for the 14th

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