Did We Forget Who We Are?

This was originally posted on my personal facebook page. Felt it might be something worth exploring in more detail in this particular forum.

Pretty sure I’ve managed to get my name on the list of “prime reeducation candidates” at least once over the last several years. However, just in case my name has inadvertently dropped off that list, or somehow been pushed down to the lower levels of inconsequential, here goes:

Enough of this bullshit! The Constitution was designed to limit the power of the federal government with most states’ constitutions following the same limitations.

The Bill of Rights – the first ten amendments to that charter of this country – are placed to remind the government of the “unalienable rights” spoken of in The Declaration of Independence and to enshrine those ideals of self-government – or individual sovereignty – as the basis for The United States of America. Those rights do not come from government – government granted “rights” are nothing more than privileges.

The Bill of Rights are not permissions granted by the government. Rather they serve to further delineate some of the unique aspects of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as declared in the Declaration of Independence; in short they are continuations of that very thought.

I have listened to experts and officials offer ever-changing reasons to continue the government (state, county, local) imposed lockdowns and heard numbers of those same people try to justify those continued – and sometimes more restrictive – reasons as if the government were the sole entity responsible for the health and safety of the population and as if all the sundry groups of populations in the country were in identical situations.

I am concerned that we collectively are being held hostage by a gaggle of “experts” whose influence has encroached far afield of their limited discipline(s) of expertise.

I have read with increasing anger reports of how government officials at all levels in many states have threatened and in some cases arrested American citizens for exercising their immutable right of choice to make their own decisions as to what is right for themselves and their families.

I sit here dismayed at how quickly the fundamental, foundational ideals of this country have been subsumed by dictatorial politicians suffering from Napoleonic complexes, high on the fumes of power to declare essential and non-essential things, jobs, people. I am humbled by how quickly we agreed and how easily we acquiesced.

I see, hear and read reports of mandatory testing, compelled vaccination, digital tagging, drone enforced social distancing, forced quarantine, invasion of privacy, facial recognition and requisite contact tracing and wonder why as a concerted, unified voice, we Americans do not stand up and shout, “Not just no; HELL NO!”

Did we forget who we are?