Redefining Terms

(image from pixabay. listed as no attribution needed, but my thanks to the creator.)

The left has been redefining terms for ages. Figured I would try my hand at it.

Higher Education -> Money Laundering
Success -> Squeaky wheel gets the grease
Politician -> Politician
Celebrity -> Guest Lecturer (emphasis on the lecture)
Diversity -> Lobotomy Patient
John Galt -> Who?
Not who we are -> Trojan Horse
Socialism -> Social Media. Oh, and be nice to people
Peaceful Protest -> an event where almost nobody died
Racist -> Every word in the dictionary, every person who’s ever lived, every divergent opinion
Law & Order -> Racist
Masters Tournament -> Racist because of use of the word Master (also probably because of no apostrophe)
Master’s Degree -> Not racist because everybody knows Master in this case refers to long hours and dedication (notice the apostrophe)
Hard Work -> Racist
Equal Opportunity -> Racist
US History -> Blank Slate (and also Racist)