An Insurance Policy

From American Thinker: Did FBI employees admit to insurance fraud?

My initial reaction to the revelations of FBI agents taking out insurance policies for working on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

What do you need insurance for? There were several other options available at the time and in the future.

  1. You could have said no
  2. You could have reported the wrong doing
  3. You could have quit
  4. You could have gone to the press
  5. You could have written an explosive, tell-all book to cover your loss of income.
  6. I do not recall
  7. I plead the 5th
  8. I was only following orders

Number eight has the added attraction of having never been tried before. Oh, no, wait…


Sidebar (based on the above): General Flynn was framed and Judge Sullivan should immediately grant the defense request to dismiss.