A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Without Trump America is doomed! What are we going to do if Trump loses? (Which it appears at this point as if he has.) Trump was the only one standing in the gap between American patriots and the ravenous, vile, disgusting, leftist communists that want to destroy our country as founded. The very idea of America — pursuit of happiness and libery and justice for all — is gone!

Maybe. Maybe not. Before throwing in the towel and moving to another country — exactly where one wonders — I have a few questions and hopefully a few answers as well.

What about all the cheating!!??
Accusations of cheating and fraud are easy. Proof of such is much harder to come by. Presumably, this is a feature and not a bug since state legislatures could at any time adjust their voting laws to fix it. “But, the other guys always…” Complaining when you lose is not a fix. Irregularities abound. Machines that mistakenly calculate votes for the wrong candidate (reports in different states every election); middle of the night ballot dumps; ballot harvesting; deadlines for ballot submissions extended beyond the constitutionally mandated date of the election as in Pennsylvania this year and a myriad of other abnormalities every national election. Counting should commence immediately after polls close in the respective states and should continue uninterrupted until said counting is done. Yes, that means around the clock, even if it has to be done in shifts. The numerous pauses present as suspicious and are ripe for fraud.

The American people have suspected vote tabulation manipulation for years. We must demand voting systems and counting processes that are fair and transparent. More than demand, it is up to us, the people of each individual state to ensure that election fraud is no longer permitted. And that it is punished to the full extent of the law when discovered.

What more could I have done?
I could have volunteered to be a poll watcher. I didn’t. Largely because I expected (or ass/u/me/d – shame on me) voting irregularities to be mostly a problem for other places and that other people could do it. No need to worry here in red Arizona. I forgot the second half of President Reagan’s prime directive: “Trust but verify.” Again, shame on me.

Short of my blog (traffic of which amounts to myself and my family and a few friends) and some inconsequential Facebook posts, I didn’t reach out to others to encourage them to vote for Trump and why they should.

I did not engage much with arguments from the other side because I decided most of their positions were so looney that very few Americans would accept them. To put it in the common vernacular – I need to get out more.

What About Trump?
President Trump’s loss in this election is a severe set back. A true freedom fighter, a lover of the American ideals and the American people, Trump stood as a bulwark against the onslaught of the left. But, it takes more than a single individual to win the fight for freedom; to defend our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Send a letter to President Trump. Say thank you to him on Facebook and other social media platforms for his service and dedication to the light of liberty and the continuation of the Republic as founded. He has left a legacy of 300 judges across most of the courts in the land, especially the Supreme Court, that should prove capable of upholding the law and preserving our liberties.

What to do?
I can only speak for myself and my family. We are going to get up every morning and continue to put out our US Flag. Every day. We are going to work in any legal capacity we can to see that Perdue and Loeffler, the two GOP Senate candidates in Georgia, are elected in the January runoff that both face. We are going to pay close attention to every proposed bill put forth by the US House; every executive order issued by President JoeMala. We are going to begin preparing for the midterm in 2022. The Senate map favors the Democrats and the left. They have only about 13 seats to defend while the Republicans have over 20. There appear to be 3 seats that should be targeted as primary pick ups by Republicans while defending the rest. Those 3 are NV, AZ (Kelly), CO. Everything else in the Democrats column appears to be unattainable at the moment. Defend 20 and still find a way to pick up 1-3 seats? Granted that is a tall order but necessary. Fight the battles that you have a chance of winning first, increasing your chances of winning others in time.

What’s Next?
Next, we honor Trump’s service by manning the walls, standing in the gap, and doing our part to preserve the founding principals of this country and help Make America Great Again.

We have survived over 100 years of progressive incursions, bloodied and battle-scarred, but largely intact. We survived 8 miserable years of the administration prior to Trump. The Tea Party, in some ways largely responsible for laying the ground work for the rise of Trump, arose within the first two years of the Apology Tour’s Administration due to political overreach and dissatisfaction with that administration’s view of America. Two-hundred-forty-four years ago, the American Patriots survived a war against the world’s strongest empire; a war in which they were outgunned, overmatched, severely undermanned and politically scorned. And they did it without tearing out their hair or rending their clothes or wearing sackcloth and rolling in ashes. Can we do anything less?

Who’s Next?
Who will be Trump’s second? You? Me? All of us? Let ’em know how to find you. Fly those flags.