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Dark Age (reprise)

Though the last post I made, Dark Age was a near-term tale of speculative fiction, the following information is straight from the source, presented here for you to draw your own conclusions. Maybe we can put together an anthology of speculative fiction. The following table is an excerpt from the Social Security Administration’s own website.

Raising the Debt Ceiling

A vote regarding raising the debt limit of the United States is pending in Congress in the very near future. My hope is that more “no” than “yes” shows up in the final tally. My expectation is that “yes” will carry the day, regardless of whether or not the Speaker of the House is able

To my kids

Somehow, we lost sight of the future in our mad dash to remake the present into something more palatable for our tired, weary eyes. We allowed those whom we elected to office to run amok, unchecked and unchallenged for far too long.

SOTU – In Retrospect

I have not yet read through my notes taken during the President’s State of the Union address last night. They are somewhere in state between chaotic and unprintable, so this is nothing more than an overview and a bit of editorial. I am concerned about several things in the President’s SOTU address last night. First