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SOTU – In Retrospect

I have not yet read through my notes taken during the President’s State of the Union address last night. They are somewhere in state between chaotic and unprintable, so this is nothing more than an overview and a bit of editorial. I am concerned about several things in the President’s SOTU address last night. First

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I read recently that your administration is looking into the possibility of assisting those Americans who are facing retirement and may not know how to manage their money and life savings. I understand that discussions are currently underway to allow them to have government managed access to their money on an annuity

Election Issues

The following is a list of questions that unofficialview.net is sending out to all candidates from Arizona running in this year’s election. We are hoping those running will participate and provide us with answers to these questions. Stay tuned—we’ll see if any of them choose to respond. 1) What is your plan to secure the

Finally, a Voice of Reason

Government cannot inject a single dollar into the economy that it has not first taken out of the very same economy. — Rep. Tom McClintock of California Floor Speech given in the House Chamber on June 15, 2010. and again, July 22, 2010 on the Unemployment Spending Bill Finally, a voice of reason in Washington,

Just The Table of Contents

Finally have access to a copy of the bill. Took forever to download. Reading through just the table of contents, there are several things that scare the hell out of me already! Many, many (I know, I know, I haven’t counted them yet, but I will and will let you know how many is many.)