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Off Message

President Obama overstepped when he threatened the Supreme Court earlier this week, and the main stream media had to call him on it.

While we wait…

Cato Institute says it's not just the economy, stupid. This time. Update on responses for online interview with candidates for Senate from Arizona.

Nothing to Fear …

I think Mr. Roosevelt had it wrong. Sometimes, there is more to fear than fear itself. Sometimes, there is a gangster at the door; a criminal in the midst of good people. Sometimes there is more than one. I am afraid. I am afraid for the future of my kids and for the continued prosperity

We Are Expected To Believe (excerpt)

I can only say, I wish I’d written this. “Health Care Plan Gains Favor,” insists the White House message, echoed incessantly by the me-too media and passed off as news across the land. After all, they had to kick through the door and pass the bill so we can see the beauty within it. And